Please note that I do not perform at male-only functions (individual or group), nor at restaurants (unless it is a private function). 

I receive hundreds of telephone calls and emails every year asking questions about performing, classes or bellydancing in general.  I respond to every email and answerphone message I receive, but this may take days, or even weeks, when I am really busy or out of the country, so please check out the Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") page before sending an enquiry or phoning; as this answers immediately the vast majority of the queries I receive.

To contact me by email, please select the appropriate option below:
I already receive Jacqueline's belly-dance newsletters
I don't currently receive Jacqueline's belly-dance newsletters

To contact me by telephone:
(UK) +44 (0)7958 348204
Spain: +34 689 83 27 48

Any data collected via this website is subject to my Privacy Policy.

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Belly Dance Teachers in other areas

A list of those teachers that have provided their details specifically for this purpose, can be accessed by clicking on the following button.

List of UK and international belly dancing teachers

If you are a teacher and would like your details listed on this site, please click on the button below, then complete and submit the form.

Teacher details form

I also maintain a paper list of teachers in other areas, compiled from various sources, and I can provide details on request (please e-mail or send me a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope).  Please note that any information from this list is provided without any warranty or recommendation, as I do not know the majority of the teachers personally, and therefore cannot comment on their style of dance, or their quality as teachers.

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